How To Delete The Twitter Account On Permanently Basis

Tired of twittering? Got bored with the everlasting hash tags trends? Need a break from such a continuous process of micro

blogging? Well, deleting the twitter account can be the only way to get rid of it. Deleting the twitter account is as easy as the account creation. So you need not to have any special knowledge to delete the account.

But we should not use the term delete in this case. It can be better termed as the deactivating of the account. On deactivation, you can get the account deactivated and put it in the queue if deletion. This would permanently delete your account.

Must know these before deactivating

But before you step forward for the deactivation, let me share with you some information.

So these are some of the basic information that one should have idea of.

Steps to deactivate the account

Now here is a stepwise guide described which will shows you how to deactivate the account. This is a very easy technique and anyone can do it. Just follow these steps and you can do it.

Note as important point

Moreover as the account can be activated within 30 days, so no new profile can be created with the same username again. But after these 30 days are over, you can gain create a profile with the same username. As it is not being deleted permanently, so still there is an existence of the profile without being visible.

If you start missing the twitter account within few days after deactivation, never feel hesitation to come back. But you have to come back within the 30 days of deactivation. This would help you to get back all the lost information.


Here is all about the deactivation of the twitter. Well it is good sometimes to skip them. It would remove all the boredom which comes on continuous twittering. The steps are simple and easy. Just follow the steps and you will be able to do it.


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