How to block your contacts from messaging in Facetime app?

Many a time people are disturbed by the intrusion of some unknown fellow. Frequent messages, random calls, and sometimes blank calls irritate you. You don’t know what to do then. Well, there are some measures for these things too.

Most people do not like being stalked. Although Facetime and stuff like that are indeed social platforms one should get the respect of living and enjoying a private life. But there is always a solution to every problem. Download facetime for pc and windows. First and foremost piece of advice is, whenever you find an unknown person calling or texting you, straightaway block him or her. This is the best way you can avoid a stranger. There are several other processes as well. Let us take a look into them.

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If you are being stalked or someone is bothering you in Facetime or somebody is playing a prank on you in iMessage, you can block that particular contact and prevent them from bothering you further. It is not only simple and an easy a process, but it gives you one of the most gratifying feelings as well. So, if you are waiting and eager to ignore someone on the face, here’s how you do it!

Besides the OS X Maverick 10.9.2 update, Apple has recently introduced a new feature that was missing in the iMessage for so long. It is a newbie to the family of Apple. Getting along with this feature, now, all the users of Mac are free to block contacts individually. Also, they can now block contacts both in the normal message as well as in the Facetime app.

How to block contacts from messages?

Given below are the steps by which you can block contacts from messages and Facetime app with the help of the recent Maverick updated version:

1.Go to your message app.

2.Click on preferences and choose block.

3.Next click on the icon denoting a plus sign.

4.The whole contact list of your phone will eventually scroll down.

5.Now select the contact that you want to block.

6.Finally, your contact will be blocked. It will no more be able to send you messages in future.

How to block contacts from Facetime?

Similarly, if you want to ignore people and block contacts from the Facetime app, follow these steps:

1.Open the Facetime app. Go to the options preferences and click on it.

2.At the bottom of the screen, you will find the option ‘blocked’. Click on it.

3.Now click on the icon denoting a plus sign. The icon looks exactly like this ‘+’.

4.You will find your whole contact list as has been saved in your phone will appear in front of you.

5.Now, choose the particular contact that you want to block. Multiple choices of contacts are not available. You can block one contact at a time.

6.The contact or contacts that you have blocked will now appear on the blocked list of the Facetime app.

Thus, your work is done. So, from now on, whenever you do not like the presence of a fellow or you find any stranger bothering you much, use these tricks to block them soon.


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