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  • Multivariate Tools: these tools are developed to design, analyse and also collate data in the PAT process. This tool provides much knowledge on the design and end product of the pharmaceutical products that is to be manufactured. Process Analyzers:

    Brian Fantana
  • Over the years, in addition to the aforementioned functions that the tool does. The tool has been drastically improved to also test the chemical, physical and biological qualities of any raw material.

    Brick Tamland
  • In conclusion, the advent of PAT in the pharmaceutical industries is a great turn around; it has helped to put more checksin the quality control and assurance of pharmaceutical products and the healthcare industry at large.

    Ron Burgundy
  • This tool is usually used for quality control and quality assurance due to its function. Initially, this tool was designed to measure certain parameters like temperature, concentration, temperature and pH of raw materials.

    Arturo Mendez






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